BeeBuzz CNFT

BeeBuzz is a hive of stylistic, unique Bee NFTs on the Cardano blockchain! The collectible Bee NFTs are randomly generated from over 150 traits. Wasps have devastated the BeeBuzz hive, leaving nearly 5,000 Bees dead and more wounded. Despite a valiant effort, they were unable to protect their Queen.

With the return of the wasps imminent, you must help BeeBuzz rebuild. Find your new queen by protecting and nourishing the larvae with Royal Jelly. Assemble an elite crew of worker bees. Farm $HONEY and spend it wisely. Then send your hardened crew into the Bloodbath to defend the Cardano Hive!

Help assemble an elite crew of worker bees to defend the hive!

  1. Mint Bees to save them from the initial invasion!
  2. Farm $HONEY to use to prepare for the follow-up!
  3. Send your elite bee crew into the Bloodbath to defend the Cardano Hive!


The Bees you save by minting will thank you by bringing you $HONEY, a fungible token on Cardano. When the hive is operational, Bees will be able to farm additional $HONEY.

To prepare for the Bloodbath, you may want to use your $HONEY to equip your Bees!


Participating bees will get a chance to earn rare traits. But many Bees will return unsuccessful and injured, potentially losing their special traits, armor, and weapons, and gaining permanent negative effects, limiting their capability in future events.

We will release more details on the Bloodbath in our Beepaper later this year.


Creator / Camille and Carlo

Camille and Carlo, real life partners. Both, Crypto Ethusiast. Joined Cardano community last July 2021. Enjoy collecting and trading arts. Inspired by other projects, they want to give it a shot, and led them to create their own. Two minds with same interests and goals makes it easier for them to plan and control behind the scene.

Graphic Artist / sepmarc

A visual artist for over 8 years with proficiency in creating vector arts and an extensive background in creating 2D motion graphics, video editing, videography/cinematography, and photography. An entrepreneur, vlogger, investor and gamer.

Development Team / FrogDesk

TelFiRE, a member of the community since May 2021, has made websites for several Cardano Projects. Having come from a background of local marketing, web design and front end development, he has recently refocused FrogDesk on Cardano projects. Kuskuss, another collector and developer from very early in the space, joined FrogDesk recently and has created the minting tech for BeeBuzz.

BeeBuzz NFT Roadmap - First Peek! Social Media & Community Launch, Website Launch, BeeBuzz Season 1 Drop, Awesome Charity Event, Token Airdrop, Token Utility, and beyond! Plus partnerships, giveaways, donations, and upcoming collabs!



There will be 5,000 BeeBuzz NFTs.


Beelist. Those on the list will be able to submit one Cardano address, which will get access to an early mint at a discounted price.

100 slots available, with each slot receiving up to three mints. Half of the slots are already filled… Join Discord and engage with the community for opportunities to be Beelisted.


The mint price will be announced when we are closer to mint.

Beelisted members will get a 15% discount on their three reserved mints.


We will set a 3% royalty on aftermarket sales of all BeeBuzz NFTs.

Mint limits?

Beelisted members will be able to mint up to three NFTs to one wallet address they submit in advance.

Any public sale limitations will be assessed and announced closer to the mint.


Cardano. Low fees, great community!

Wen mint?

We are hard at work to prepare all the pieces! We are aiming for an early April mint, but we will not announce a definite date until we have everything ready. Stay tuned to Twitter and Discord!

Wen Beepaper?

Soon. We are working on preparing it, but also balancing this with getting the mint ready. The Beepaper will likely be released either shortly before, or shortly after the mint begins.


Your Bee will bring you some $HONEY shortly after you mint it. The amount will be random within a certain range, with a few lucky Bees arriving with a bunch extra.

If holders can successfully assemble the bee army, they will be able to farm $HONEY by holding them in your wallet (the plan is for this to be claimed through DripDropz).

Shortly after the Bee mint concludes, we intend to introduce fun new mechanics to help you increase your $HONEY rewards. We also plan to offer ways to spend your $HONEY to augment your Bee army to prepare for the wasp invasion.

Wen Bloodbath?

We can only hope that the wasps do not return until the Bees are fully assembled!

To mount a successful defense, we need 5,000 Bees assembled, with their leaders using their $HONEY to prepare them for the battle!

Once the Bees are ready, the Wasp invasion is only a matter of time…


For sure! Keep an eye on our Twitter and Discord!

Should I send my bees to the Bloodbath?

The choice is yours! Consider that if the Wasps win this battle, the Hive will wither and die! Of course, Bees that go to war will never be the same.

Depending on your preparation and luck, they will either return victorious with the spoils of war, or defeated with injuries and losses.


How to Mint

  1. Create a Cardano wallet. Examples of compatible wallets include CCVault, Nami, and Gero.
    • Never attempt to purchase an NFT from an exchange. They do not support them (and you can’t control your ADA staking)!
  2. Fund your wallet with enough ADA to cover the mint price and at least 2 extra ADA to cover fees.
  3. Locate the “Send” tab in your chosen wallet, and identify the receiver/receiving address field.
  4. Return to this website during the mint, and click the Mint button.
  5. Follow the instructions in the popup window to provide your wallet address and number of NFTs you want to buy.
  6. Click the copy button to copy the sale address to your clipboard.
  7. Paste the address into the receive address field in your Cardano wallet application.
    • After pasting any crypto address, always double-check the address to confirm where you’re sending.
  8. Enter the total amount in the ADA amount field.
  9. Confirm the transaction. Double-check all details and enter your spending password.
  10. NFTs can take some time to deliver depending on the Cardano network load. Generally, expect to see it within a few minutes to a few hours.
  11. You’ll be given a refund if you sent the wrong amount, or if the NFTs are sold out when we process your transaction.
  12. To view your NFTs, go to and paste any of your receiving addresses into the search field.
Example of what the minting window will look like
Entering the minting address into your Cardano Wallet application
Entering the mint amount into your Cardano Wallet application
Entering your password into your Cardano Wallet application

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BeeBuzz CNFT